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Down Tor

#1 Post by scottyplym » Sat Jun 08, 2013 5:35 pm

Last Sunday evening, Lauren and myself were joined by my friends Delphine and Simon, both very new to letterboxing. Decided on Down Tor as travelling from Plymouth it is relatively quick and easy to get to. Following Burrator Reservoir around and parking at notsworthy bridge, Down tor is a 5 min walk away.

According to the letterboxing catalogue there were ment to be 12 boxes in the square we had picked, 5869. Anyone that reads my posts will be aware that I rarely follow clues, preferring to just search and seek. After 2 hours on Down tor we gave up and head for the Royal Oak at Meavy.

In 2 hours we found four boxes, five if you include the one behind the bar at the Royal Oak. It was hard going out there, all the obvious areas had had rocks moved away, making it look like it had been a past box site. I remember going up Down Tor years ago and at least hitting double figures.

We did find one listed in the book, Family on Tor 3. Also found a nice box indicating the way to Gutter Tor.

The area is pleasant and is a nice easy walk, perhaps we never spent as much time there searching as we should have. Jack was happy as he had much attention whilst out walking and at the pub after!


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