Little Combe Tor & Smeardon Down

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Little Combe Tor & Smeardon Down

#1 Post by smartieb » Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:59 pm

Took my kids to this area today and appears may be a little forgotten about tor (possibly not after this though!).
Parking in the quarry car park and headed back to the bridal path down towards the river where a couple of boxes were found on the car park side. As we didn't know if we could cross the river at this point with the kids doubled back to the bridge across the river and headed up the bridal path to little combe tor where we found 5 boxes in about 1hr, with at least 2, according to there books not being found for over 2 years.
With the kids energised at this point we headed back down the bridal path and over to smeardon down. Over here was a different story with boxes few and far between.
We experienced for the first time either box vandalism or the work of the DLT with one location being found with three different pill boxes jammed inside one another with a few calling cards scrumpled up in them. Was in the rough location of the stamp 'obsessed by rocks 08' so can assume one of the pill boxes belong to this. With the kids dejected as this point, and even them of 11 and 9 years saying 'why would someone do this?' we headed back to the car. On the way back another vandilased pot was found out in the open which i didn't think was even located in this area, whilst looking around for this one of the kids found another stamp untouched which ended the day on high.
All in all Little Combe tor was a success, slightly let down across the round but for number of pots in a small area must rate high, certainly from our point of view. Meant to mention but kids were happy as during the day we found our 150th box and closer to the next cloth badge of 200! Happy Days
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