Roos Tor Pitts Letterbox

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Roos Tor Pitts Letterbox

#1 Post by danzontour » Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:13 pm

Whislt researching geocaches on Dartmoor I found the following:

[Found it] November 7, 2010 by Dartmoor Dave (346 found)

When we approached GZ there was the cache lying totally exposed in the open! But it wasn't, it was the Roos Tor Pits letterbox. I've no idea where this should be but we hid it away close by under a rock. Soon found the correct cache and after pouring out the water from the outer container was relieved to find the inner container was nice and dry. It might be better to have the instruction to leave the pot upright in the description instead of in the encrypted note, because the container was on its side and hence full of water. Anyway, TFTC. It was almost took nothing, left a pair of gloves - as I discovered after leaving the cache site that I no longer had them. So back up to the trig point to retrieve them!

This is on the log page for a geocache - so if someone knows the owner of this letterbox then its worth knowing that it has moved.

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