General interest sites

Dartmoor Firing Information
Firing notices issued by the Ministry of Defence.

tree above valley

Dartmoor Rescue Group
The Dartmoor Rescue Group is an officially recognised team and a registered Charity consisting of four Sections of volunteers.

Dartmoor National Park Association
Geographical and environmental information about the National Park.

Dartmoor CAM
Photographs from walks in Dartmoor National Park, England, including stereo and panorama views.

Tick Information
Information about ticks and the diseases/illnesses they can pass on to walkers. Also information on how to participate in a scientific project to monitor ticks on the moor.


Letterboxing sites

Pete Bank's Virtual Letterboxing Site
The net's first interactive virtual-peat-bank!

Dizzy's Letterboxing site
Letterboxing on Dartmoor and rubber stamp making.

BBC Guide to Dartmoor
'If you mention any similarity to trainspotting, [letterboxers] will probably sniff loudly, stamp their insignia on your forehead, tell you to go away and hike away in a huff.'

Letterboxing in Scotland
Letterboxing has been slow to take off in Scotland, which is incomprehensible given the vast, beautiful, wild spaces there.

Letterboxing North America
A guide to letterboxing in the US.