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White Tor

Post by scottyplym »

Bank Holiday Sunday, and what a beautiful day it was, a perfect day to flex the letterbox finding muscles and go on another adventure. Yesterday I visited White Tor with my friends Lewis and Ant, and Ant brought his daughter, for her first Letterboxing experience.

To get to White Tor, it is best to pass through Tavistock, following the signs for Okehampton, turning off at Peter Tavy, a few curvy roads takes you to a parking space next to Smeardon Tor. From there, follow the path, passing Stephens Grave and White tor is the huge tor to your left.

We spent just under 3 hours on the tor and found 17 letterboxes. If we had doubled our stay, I am confident we would have easily doubled our find. There are alot of quality WOM boxes around the tor, and a good 4 that we could find showing inprints of Stephens Grave. There are a good few with "White Tor" on them, but overall very few "kiddish" boxes.

The sheer size of White tor is massive, many many rocks and to totally search the area, you need to give a day up here. The rewards will be great.

We were fortunate enough to find the "Guardian of White Tor" Letterbox, although it is in need of repair. It is still a listed letterbox, if anyone knows who is responsible for the series of Guardian boxes, I would be greatful of any contact details.

This walk would be great for a family who wish to spend a day letterboxing, especially for one of those dedicated families that travel along way to come to Dartmoor for a letterboxing weekend. The views looking over to Roos tor, staple tor and Cox tor are stunning and there were plenty of Dartmoor ponies in the area if you have your camera. To finish the day after a long fruitful walk, I recommend the Peter Tavy Inn, just around the corner, fantastic food and it has a letterbox behind the bar :)

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Post by Dizzy »

It sounds like you had a good day out there Scott and a good boxing day at that for 3 hours, well done! :D
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