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Is this the end of the road?

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Seven months now since I began this post. Sowerby Streaker's friend who had found my letterbox in 2012 has recently returned to the site with the bracken having died back. She reports no sign of "Bernadette's Box". With a heavy heart, I now have to take the rational position that in all probability the box has gone missing for good. It is just possible that it was found and misplaced. Or has been moved. But not probable. I'll keep a slightly-open mind on that and won't entirely give up hope. So, if any readers of this chain do go looking there, then I'll be happy for you to add a note here or to send me a PM.
As for me, I'll look in from time to time and may contribute the odd laconism here and there to others' posts. My letterboxing days are now sadly in the past as my difficult circumstances as a f/t Carer preclude my continuing them into the future.
My thanks and very good wishes to all. I'm grateful for your interest and especially to those who looked in the area on my behalf.
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