New to Letterboxing, advice & help needed please!

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New to Letterboxing, advice & help needed please!

Post by Trigger&Co »

Hi, while at the Plume of Feathers last weekend, my 9 year old daughter was fascinated by the people coming into the pub and stamping their little books! Having done some research on t'internet this week, our family (me, husband, daughter & Trigger the Springer Spaniel) decided to have a go at Letterboxing today.

Off we went, full of enthusiasm. Firstly to Black Tor - spent about an hour there looking (not exactly sure what we were looking for!) but didn't find anything. Then off to Hart Tor - spent about half an hour there - still nothing. Quick cup of coffee and then onto Cramber Tor (dodging hail showers on the way!). Half an hour later - guess what? Still nothing!

A bit cold and very disappointed we decided to head back to the car. On our way, just past the aquiduct, got very excited to see what looked like a pill pot poking out from under a rock! Off we ran, the excitement building, my daughter fumbling around in the rucksack to find her ink pad, only to get there and find that it was just a lid on it's own with 'Stephs Dragon no.22' written on it! (???)

Well, needless to say, we were all a bit disappointed when we got home, but we are not going to give up!

If any knowledgable Letterboxer here could offer any advice/tips for us 'newbies' it would be most appreciated!
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Post by foxy »

Hi Trigger and Co.

Welcome to the forum. I'm the resident mad runner and a boxer by accident, but from previous posts it seems that Pew Tor and area is a good bet to get started.

They're a good lot on here and I'm sure you'll be welcomed and given all the help you need.

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Post by Fulchet »

Welcome to the site Trigger & Co. Yes, as Foxy says, Pew Tor is a very good place to start.

Once you've found your first 100, you'll be able to purchase a cluebook and get monthly updates. You will soon be able to recognise the tell tale signs of where boxes might be hidden - that odd rock that shouldn't be there, for example.

What a pity that one of Stephanie's boxes was spoilt. She has absolutely loads of boxes all of the moors, as has her uncle.

If you take time to read through some of the threads on the site, you'll pick up lots of ideas.

Good luck with what will become a very addictive hobby.
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Post by panomobile »

Welcome Trigger&Co. I am new to Boxing as well. Started about 3 weeks ago and am loving it. I can confirm that there is loads at Pew Tor. I got 18 in about a couple of hours once. I haven't ventured further than Pew Tor, Heckwood Tor, Feather Tor, and Cox Tor but I am still finding new boxes.
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Post by Nik - KOTM »

Hiya Trigger and Co - Welcome to the site...
I have been boxing for ££$% years and I think in all that time I have actually been to the top of about 6 tors. Boxes are usuallyfound around the base or a short distance away from the tops of Tors. There used to be one on top of Cramber Tor (Literally the top). I have been out and only found ONE box on occasion (twice to be exact). The best I have had was 90 in a day (Twice) The first was Cut Hill which is just a bit too far for a 9 year old. The other was around Pew Tor and around that area.
The best advice has already been given on here in other posts but I would seriously recommend trying to go out with someone who knows the ways until you get your feet with hiking around the moors.

Remember the Dartmoor rescue groups would prefer to stay at home in front of the fire watching TV.

Some simple rules plan your route, plan your escapes if the weather were to turn nasty, take a spare set of clothing, spare compass and a map! GPS device is brilliant here (always set the thing where your car is... take something that can be a hot meal - thin soup will not suffice. (My favourite here is potato and leek soup made with tons of butter thick creamy and stuffed full of fats and carbs loads of energy and its home made!) . Good footwear. And if any of your party gets the chills or shivers - get off the moor immediately. Most importantly let someone know where you are going and what time you are likely to be back or contact them to let them know if you are amanding the time - mobile phones don't work over parts of the moor - but they do in most places

Now that the scarey bit is over there is a lot of history out on the moor and it is addictive (a lot of it goes hand in hand with the letterboxes).
When you have learned how ceratin peole hide their boxes you will get better at it, however there are a lot of vacant holes.

It really doesn't matter if you don't find any boxes as long as you have a great time and I look forward to bumping into you out on the moor sometime
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Post by Dizzy »

Hi Trigger&Co, welcome to the forum, you should find the answers to all your questions through this site, if there is anything you cannot find please ask and I'm sure you will get an answer.

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