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Old Clues

Post by Moorlander »

Hi all,

I used to go letterboxing with my dad years ago. He's soon to be moving house so was clearing out his loft and came across a box of old clues he was given (195 in total). From the date we've written next to some of the stamps we have, it looks like the last time we went was 5th July 1992!

I'd love to get back into it and now take my son and wife out. Considering it's been 24 years since we went, what do you think the odds are on our clues still being useful?

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Re: Old Clues

Post by Gaffer2 »

I doubt if any of the 195 24 year old clues are still current. Would any of them be in the current Catalogue 24 years later? I very much doubt it. Letterboxes would expect to be retired after much less time than this if they survive for years: wear and tear, weather, vandals, finders putting them back less well. Or their owners no longer coming to Dartmoor. Others, rather than just renewing worn items might elect for a different stamp elsewhere. Nowadays boxes attract different kinds of clues: notably GPS co-ordinates as opposed to "56 paces west of triangular stone, lone tree 37 degrees, box 3 feet off ground in bank". By all means get a current Catalogue if you want to start again. But, my best times have just been ones of going to a promising area and trying serendipity. Good Luck!
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Re: Old Clues

Post by whoisthechallenger »

I totally agree with all that Gaffer2 said. It is worth noting that the world has turned - in every way - since those old clues were issued. Due to planet Earth's molten core, the bearings will all be between 4 and 5 degrees different now. That's if they were accurate to start with!

Speaking from experience of trying to find long forgotten boxes, they do 'grow in' if left unfound for several years, making even a seemingly simple clue substantially harder to piece together on the Moor.
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Re: Old Clues

Post by low creep »

My old box on the North Moor (which is still extant) was established 24th October 1987 by High Flyer & Low Creep.
Send me a private message - I would be interested to know if it features on your clue list. Was your clue list produced on a typewriter?
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