coming out of retirement

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coming out of retirement

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Hi All
After many years living in Cheshire, we are down in Devon with the kids in a few weeks and would like to do a bit of letterboxing
can anyone advise where to get a catalogue?
or is it all done online these days.
I still have all my old ones from Godfrey and Tony but they are decades out of date.
Any info on how i can get started again would be much appreciated :D
Cousin Jack
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Re: coming out of retirement

Post by Cousin Jack »

Hi Giant John,
The Catalogue of Clues is the main source of Letterboxes and clues to their locations. This is maintained and sold by Sylvia Moore. As of 2019, this costs a tad under £10 including P&P, and is updated once a year. Cheques made payable to Sylvia Moore and sent to :- 25 Sanderspool Cross, South Brent, South Devon, TQ10 9LR. If you give her a ring on (01364) 73414 she will provide alternative preferred payment methods. Hope this helps!
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