Possibly missing: Middleworth Tor

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Possibly missing: Middleworth Tor

#1 Post by John » Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:56 pm


Okay, this is getting a bit too frequent I'm afraid. I have the clue, get to the site, follow the clue and find myself in some area that has no sign of a box! If I found a hole which (obviously?) had had a box in it, then at least I would know that it may have been the one I wanted.

I spent a good hour or so looking for the Middleworth Tor box. Has anyone found it? Part of the clue says (go this direction/paces) to a "small stack". There is no small stack. There are some (well separated) boulders and smaller rocks, gorse, loads of (currently dead) bracken, but definitely no 'stack'. Needless to say I searched around, around the entire tor in fact!, but couldn't find that box.

So, at what point is a box missing? Or is it just bad navigation by me, or an incorrect clue in the catalogue? I assume I can email Angela Allderidge about a suspect missing box, but will she only report it as missing in the updates or will she contact the actual owner and get them to check it? Anyone know?



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#2 Post by Fulchet » Sat Apr 26, 2008 8:07 am

It can be a little frustrating when you spend hours looking and a box appears to be missing.

I'm not sure if Angela contacts the owners or not. I suspect she would if it was a registered box.

If you are confident you are searching in the correct area, then if you report the box as missing at least the owner can check on it. They will then inform Angela that yes it is or not missing.
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