Letterboxing meet and the 100 Club

Twice a year, on the “Clock change weekends” in March and October, a meet is held at Lee Moor Village Hall (PL7 5JA). This is an opportunity to meet other letterboxers, buy charity walk guides (a clue sheet and usually grid references to a series of letterboxes, sold in aid of charity) have a cup of tea and see what’s new in the hobby.

Club Website

If you have collected over 100 stamps, you can also apply to join “The 100 club”, which allows you to buy and wear the treasured cloth badge and a regular newsletter.

There is a stand for the club at each letterbox meet, just take along at least 100 stamps that you have found.

Alternatively, you can send a list of the 100 boxes that you have visited, and £3 for the badge, and a SAE to:

Stephanie Paul, Lower Burrows, Shilstone Lane, Throwleigh, Okehampton. EX20 2HX
Tel: 01647 231080  Email her

There is also a “100 club for dogs” – see the club website for more info!