The Lost Ferret Box

A brief description on how you were bitten by the letterbox bug

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The Lost Ferret Box

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I started back in the early 80's when a friend of mine took me out letterboxing - we didn't find any - not one!

However my ex and I decided to go out with our compass and map (No clues) we went around from Sharp Tor and ended up on Leather Tor where we found "The Lost Ferret Box".

The following weekend I was introduced to the Meet where we met loads of people who were all doing what we were aspiring to do... gobsmacked at all the badges and paraphenalia

Anyway after our first day.... with no success we were hooked!

We kept to the true spirit of letterboxing by not getting the catalogue until we had found our 100th box which I think was Tims Memorial Box - elated with finding it but saddened at the same time because it was a memorial of a young lad who had succumbed to the leukemia disease. :(
Oh well we were on our way...
I got my 1000th somewhere on Cut Hill when I was up there for a weekend and got 97 for a Saturday and Sunday Hunt
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well digging this up from the passed as I found this the other month still out on the moors, well it was a oldish stamp ill scan it in when i get back and see if it is the same
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