Goodness were has the time gone..

A brief description on how you were bitten by the letterbox bug

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Goodness were has the time gone..

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1974 45th Plymouth Scout night hike to collect stamp at Crow Tor.
1976 - 1978 Walks out to boxes identified on os map, FT,TH,FLT,DP and maybe a few more, also bought a Dartmoor letterbox leaflet from W H Smiths listing 15 boxes, still have this leaflet!!
1978 1985 absolute box addiction collecting just about every box within a couple of weeks of it being put out, although there was a few Mystery boxes which were kept elusive.
We were a group of 4-5 using a stamp called Moortekkers, which was adopted from the Scout Group earlier. Great days great fun, great walks, great competition with other boxers. We would think nothing of spending all day on the moors for one or two boxes. Annual meets were at Hexworthy on a Sunday night and a definate highlight of the letterboxing year, used to have a day off work on the monday so we could look for the latest boxes released at the meet.
I have kept a collection of my first 1000 stamps from this era on plain postcards, it must be 98% or more complete!
Friends (or rivals) from that time, Godfrey, Rattery P pounders, Eggbuckland fish and chips, roomtrad, S Trevaskis, Sheepscabs, Ken and margaret,, the hand of man hath never... Jude the obscure and loads more, i shall have to dig out my old books and have a read.
1986 moved Somerset, had family and although managed to visit now and again, seemed to spend the time playing in the river!! Only the odd box found by chance since. You know how you just cant walk by that suspicious boulder without sticking your hand in for a quick check.
Glad to see boxing is going strong but I think I would have had a breakdown many years ago if I tried to keep on top of it? especially as I absolutely refuse to ever go out with a GPS. Good luck everyone..
happy hunting.
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