How I started

A brief description on how you were bitten by the letterbox bug

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How I started

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I was training to be a Police Officer in London and was in need of a break as things and people were getting to me. I stumbled across the Devils Elbow pub which offered B&B for about £20 per room plus breakfast (those were the day's) in the heart of Dartmoor. Not knowing where it was I researched it and saw how remote it was, just the thing I thought. We drove down, without the kids for a complete break in darkness. When we awoke we were totally stunned by the beauty of the area.
We met Chris Clelland (think the spelling is right) who was dressed for walking and he told us about Letterboxing. So we went out, bought a red book with lines in not knowing exactly what to expect. We drove to four winds car park on a beautiful sunny day. I found our first stamp, of a strawberry and felt elated. It was hidden under gorse behind a stone which was even more of a find. We were not geared up for walking, only having trainers which was a big mistake. We both decided that walking for the kids would be more fun this way.
The following day was the "Meet" day where, as Chris explained all the walkers from all over the UK would congregate, share stamps and where we could pick up some clues and walks. But that Saturday night we met some amazing characters - Noddy, Dennis the Menace the guitar player, The mad Scientists, Big foot, Sid the snake, The Bedouins (and what tales we could add) to name but a few. After ambling around collecting information it was unfortunately time for us to leave the meet.
We were so smitten all of the family wanted to try it out and we are now firm Letter boxers that come down almost every year since 1990 for the two meets. Even our Grand children love to get out with us and must be some of the youngest - Sophie was 2 when she first went. Imagine our excitement when we found out it was coming back to Princetown all of us are so looking forward to it.

So look out for Kaptain Klutzzz, Tenpindee and Buggs one of the original Three Epsom Horrors
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Hi Dee welcome to the site... wondered when you would turn up - glad to see you!!! And it was great to see you at the meet too
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Hi Nik must have missed you at the meet, looked for you what time was you there till, i was there around hope you had a good day :lol:
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