I blame it on the washing up.

A brief description on how you were bitten by the letterbox bug

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I blame it on the washing up.

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Sometime in the summer of 2006 my wife was doing the washing up at a campsite in Cornwall and heard a couple of ladies talking about letterboxing. She got chatting to them and gleaned a few details before letting me in on the secret.

So come October 2006 we headed off to Dartmoor for our first camping trip and letterboxing session. We did a bit of research and were told that Sheeps Tor would be a good place to start. Well I guess it might have been but after spending 2 hours in thick fog looking for elusive boxes under rocks, we were rather disheartened to have found nothing!

The next morning we set off again to try our luck on Pew Tor and hit the jackpot - loads of boxes and we bumped into a couple of gents with years of experience and the badges to prove it (10,000 plus I believe?!!). They helped us find a few more and let us into the secret of the 'catalogue'.

The following day, I was off down to somewhere on the south of the moors to buy a catalogue and then back to somewhere near Cox Tor to try our luck with the catalogue clues.

Well as you can see, we are smitten... my wife and two sons enjoy nothing more than following me around the soggy moors! Actually they are all very keen as well, its a great way to keep the boys interested and walking!

We have been to several of the meets over the years and may have bumped into one or two of you on our visits to Dartmoor. My stamp is a hand carved circle that says Badalika Designs. A bit random but that was the name of a furniture making business I owned in Kenya in the 90's - I still had the stamp and have continued to use it. I was going to make a new one but never got round to it!!

Anyway, hope to see you out there ......
Badalika - Kenya boxers on the moor!!
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I like the story. Definitely blame the washing up
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