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Please note that these walks are out during the peak time for ground nesting birds so please take care when looking for boxes not to disturb them and if at all possible refrain from doing these walks until after 15/07/16. If you see a nest or a distressed bird please move away at once. All dogs should be on leads and under close control. If anyone has a problem with a charity walk that you can not resolve with the seller, I am your next port of call. Email me on [email protected] and I will do my best to get things sorted for you.

49390 – 49405 MOOR FUN. * DUE TO FLOODING BOX 11 and Bonus 4 have been moved: Box 11, 57828 73930. Plugged NE side of a moss covered rock with a finger that points South. TV North, BS on skyline 322, Feather Tor 202½ Bonus 4: 3 paces Uphill from 11, plugged North side o f a rock.** A walk of about 3.5 miles, starting from the Soldier's Pond area & out towards N. Hessary & back. This is in aid of The Devon Air Ambulance & Poltimore House Restoration. There are 12 main boxes plus 4 Bonus jigsaw boxes. The walk will be on site from the March Meet until October 2016. For clue sheet please send £2.50 (cheques made payable to Mrs P Read) plus a SAE to Mrs P Wakeman, The Well House, West Hill, Ottery St Mary Devon EX11 1UZ. Email [email protected]

49486 – 49500 Down in the Forest Charity Walk – The Stroke Association.
A walk of about 3 miles from Two Bridges passing to the North of Crockern Tor, going up and around Littaford Tor, and returning alongside the West Dart river. The walk consists of 13 walk stamps, plus a starter with the clue sheet and a thank you stamp (in the Fox Tor cafe). The stamps are loosely based on animals in the forest. The walk will be on site from 27th March 2016 until 31st October 2016. For a clue sheet and starter, please send £2.50 (cheques to be made payable to the Stroke Association), plus an SAE, to Gordon Vickers, 39 Buena Vista Drive, Plymouth, PL6 7JF (01752 705954) or to Bev Chapple, 9 Sarum Close, Plymouth, PL3 5SH (01752 781348).

49583 – 49598 Dartmoor Crosses 2016. A walk for 16 boxes in aid of Chicks in the Arms Tor area with panoramic views on the edge of North Dartmoor. For a clue sheet please send a cheque for £2.50 made out to Cornish Kilimanjaro Capers, and an SAE to: Kevin O’Reilly, 46 St Marwenne Close, Marhamchurch, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0HX For any queries please ring 01288 361787

49407 – 49421 Crohn's and Colitis Charity Walk. A walk of about 3 miles from Norsworthy Bridge passing north of Down Tor, going around Combshead Tor, and returning to Norsworthy Bridge. The walk consists of 13 walk stamps plus a bonus stamp, and a starter stamp with the clue sheet. The stamps are based on computer cartoons. The walk will be on site from 27th March 2016 until 31st October 2016.For a clue sheet and starter, please send £2.50 (cheques made payable to NACC plus and SAE, to: S Chilcott, 7 Grosvenor Rd, Plymouth, PL6 5EH.

49547 – 49562 Poole Hospital Charity - The Dorset Cancer Centre - Day Care Ward - Letterbox Walk Summer 2016. Funky Farmyard. A charity walk of about 4.5K consisting of 14 boxes, 1 bonus box and a Thank You Stamp, in aid of Poole Hospital Charity, The Dorset Cancer Centre, Day Care Ward. Suggested parking is at Four Winds Car Park. This walk will be on site from 27th March 2016 until the 29th October 2016. Clue sheets are available by sending an S.A.E and a cheque for £2.50, made payable to Ian Pitcher, to Ian Pitcher, Brackendale, Furzehill, Wimborne, BH21 4HD. OR Paying £2.85 via Paypal using my email address, so that the clues can then be sent via email. Any problems/ queries etc please contact me on Tel 01202 848940 or email [email protected]

49422 – 49438 Flower Power. A short family walk from Rhys-Jeffriess car park around the Staples Tors consisting of 16 boxes and a starter/thank you stamp The walk will be on site from the end of March to end of October 2016 as per the DNP guidelines. Clue sheets available at £2.50 each - please send cheque payable to Devon UK Mega 2017 to Mrs Frances Daysh, 14 Exeter Road, Chudleigh, TQ13 0DD with either a stamped addressed envelope OR your email address for the clue sheets. [Red roaming and Dartmoor Deliverer] Email: [email protected] Tel: 01626 853173

49505 – 49520 St Stephens Church Saltash Letterbox Walk. A short family walk from Two Bridges up over Wistmans Wood towards Longaford Tor and back. There are 14 boxes on the moor to collect plus the Starter Stamp with the clues and a Thank You stamp in the Police Station cafe in Princetown. For a clue sheet please send £2.50 plus an SAE to John Lissenden, 26 Frobisher Drive, Saltash, PL12 4PN. Any queries please ring John on 01752 847573 or email [email protected]

49439 – 49453 Dartmoor Flora, in aid of the Porth-Emmet (Bude) Explorer Scout Unit. The walk is roughly 3 miles in the area of Feather Tor, Heckwood Tor and Pew Tor and is out from the end of March 2016 to the end of October 2016 and there are 15 stamps including a starter which is with the clue sheet. To receive the clue sheet please send £2.50 with an S.A.E. to: Kira Pollard, Treyeo Farm, Bridgerule, Holsworthy, Devon, EX22 7HA. Any queries please email [email protected]

49468 – 49485 Topic of Cancer ‘Ancient Dartmoor’ Charity Walk A family walk of about 4 miles around Scarey, Winter and Belstone Tors. This is the 3rd walk put out by Tiverton Rotary Club to raise awareness and money for Topic of Cancer (reg. charity no. 1151079) which is funding cutting edge research into cancer immunotherapy. The walk starts from the village of Belstone and has 16 boxes including 5 bonus ones. It will be on site until the end of October 2016. All boxes on site and in excellent condition April 30th but stamp 9 in box 8 and stamp 8 in box 9! For a clue sheet, extra starter and thank you stamps and additional information, please send SAE and a cheque for £2.50 payable to Topic of Cancer, c/o Sue and Ivan Godfrey, 59, Belmont Rd., Tiverton, Devon EX16 6EQ. NB As last year, there is also a set of 'easier' clues for novices / young people - please indicate if you wish to be sent a copy.

49526 – 49544 LETTERBOX CHARITY WALK FOR DPHT. The Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (DPHT) have put out a series of letterboxes in the area around North Hessary Tor and Foggintor Quarries to raise money for the charity. The 100 Mile Pack Pony Challenge letterbox walk has 18 stamps in total, designed by Mark Fenlon (Noddy) with help from Paul Rendell. There are 16 letterboxes out on the moors, with a Starter and a Thank You stamp available when purchasing the clues. The boxes will in position from the end of March until the end of October 2016. The clues will be available at the Letterbox Meet on Easter Sunday at Lee Moor Village Hall, or by sending a cheque for £3.00 (payable to Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust) plus an S.A.E to Paul Rendell, The Coach House, Tramlines, Okehampton, Devon. EX20 1EH.

49571 – 49582 A Birds Eye View Of Dartmoor Series 12 A Charity walk of about 4kM in aid of Plymouth PDSA.(Charity number 208217) for 12 stamps including a starter stamp. The walk starts at Yellowmead and follows the railway track around Kings Tor and back stamps located not far from the track .Easy clues, and a pleasant walk with no steep hills ,Ideal for a family walk. For a set of clues please send an SAE and a cheque made out to PDSA for £2.50 to Jim Dudley, 19 Cathedral Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 5JQ. Tel 01752 671881

49455 – 49467 Dartmoor Witchcraft 2016 Walk in aid of Scope . A 4 km walk around Barn Hill and Feather Tor with 10 boxes and a "Thank You" stamp plus 2 bonus boxes.You can park at Barn Hill. The walk will be on site from 1st March 2016 until the end of October 2016 (meet weekend) S.A.E and a cheque for £2.50 made payable to "Scope" to Matt Pitcher, 1 Bevan Close, Woolston, Southampton, SO19 9PE. Tel 02380 448599 – [email protected]
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