Charity Walks winter 2017/18

To advertise all of your charity walks and events.

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Charity Walks winter 2017/18

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Charity Walks on the Moor until late March 2018:

50444 – 50458 Down in the Forest Series 4
For St Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth. A family walk of about 3 miles from Goadstone Pond, on the B3212 road from Yelverton to Princetown, just below Sharpitor, crossing the road to head South West, and then North West to cross the disused railway line, turning North, North East, East and South, crossing the railway line again, before looping back to the pond. The walk consists of 13 walk stamps, plus a starter with the clue sheet and a thank you stamp (in the Fox Tor cafe). The stamps are based on woodland fruits and seeds. The walk will be on site until 31st March 2018. For a clue sheet and starter, please send £2.50 (cheques made payable to the St Luke’s Hospice), plus an SAE, to: Bev Chapple, 9 Sarum Close, Plymouth, PL3 5SH (01752 781348), [email protected] or Gordon Vickers, 39 Buena Vista Drive, Plymouth, PL6 7JF (01752 705954), [email protected]

50462 - 50471 MINDfullness Charity Walk Autumn 2017
In aid of MIND and mindfulness, as you may know, is the practice of being present in your surroundings, what better place than Dartmoor! A family friendly walk with great views for 10 boxes on Whitchurch Common [around Barn Hill]. For  a clue sheet and starter stamp please send £2.50 (cheques made out to MIND) plus an SAE to Kirsty Pattison, 85 Cookworthy Road, Plymouth, PL2 2LH

50472 – 50484 Accidents in the Parish of Wydecombe in aid of Worldwide Cancer Research
 A 4 mile walk around Bonehill and Honeybag Tor with 12 boxes and a "Thank You" stamp .The walk will be on site until the end of March 2018 (Meet weekend). Clue sheets are available by sending an S.A.E and a cheque for £2.50 made payable to Worldwide Cancer Research  to Matt Pitcher, 1 Bevan Close, Woolston, Southampton, SO19 9PE. Tel 02380448599 – [email protected] 

50485 - 50496 Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust – Charity Letterbox Walk 2
A series of 12 stamps, 11 sited in the Bellever Tor & Laughter Tor area with a Thank you stamp available when purchasing the clue sheet. The boxes will in position until the end of March 2018. The clues are available by sending a cheque for £2.50 (payable to Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust) plus an S.A.E to Paul Rendell, The Coach House, Tramlines, Okehampton, Devon. EX20 1EH.

50505 – 50520 Chestnut Appeal for Prostate Cancer Walk Autumn 2017
The walk is in the scenic CoxTor and Roos Tor area. There are 14 stamps on the moor, one starter with the clue sheet and a  Thank You stamp in the Old Police Station Cafe  in Princetown. Please send a cheque for £2-50 with an SAE to John Lissenden, 26 Frobisher Drive, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 4PN.. For more information please ring John Lissenden on 01752 847573, or email [email protected] 

50533 - 50547 The Caves & Tunnels Of Dartmoor. 
A scenic charity walk of about 4 miles around Brat Tor, Arms Tor and the Lyd Valley between Little Links Tor and Great Nodden. Consisting of 14 boxes and a starter with the clues, in aid of Mid Devon Bat Rescue.  Recommended parking is at High Down, behind the Dartmoor Inn near Lydford.  This walk will be out until March 25th 2018.  Cheques for £2.50 should be made payable to Mid Devon Bat Rescue and sent with an S.A.E. to Ian Barber, Milton, Vogue, St Day, Cornwall.  TR16 5NH.  Questions, concerns or problems to [email protected]

50581 – 50593 Early Farming On Dartmoor in aid of the PDSA
A 3½ mile scenic walk around Down Tor for 12 stamps depicting scenes from times gone by on the farm. For a clue sheet and starter stamp please send an SAE and a cheque made out to PDSA for £2.50 to Jim Dudley, 19 Cathedral Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 5JQ. Tel 01752 671881.
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Re: Charity Walks winter 2017/18

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Thanks for posting this.
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Re: Charity Walks winter 2017/18

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With regards the advert for my Caves & Tunnels Of Dartmoor walk above, please note this amendment:

Cheques for £2.50 should instead be made payable to Kari Bettoney - who owns and runs Mid Devon Bat Rescue.

Many thanks for your support!

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Re: Charity Walks winter 2017/18

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Does any one know if there is a list of current charity walks please, don't get to Dartmoor that often now but coming down mid May and would like to do a short one. Thanks
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