Would you buy charity walks online?

To advertise all of your charity walks and events.

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Would you buy charity walks online?

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The Searchlighters
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My thoughts? Well being relatively (well very) new to the art of letterboxing, I feel the moor ( :wink: ) options there are for newbies to find the information they need to get started on this great hobby the better.
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Dont know if this is still ongoing but we would buy online. I think it would generate a lot more money too.
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Re: Would you buy charity walks online?

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I think that this is an excellent idea. The weather is so changeable now.

Due to the frustration of not getting any walks from the meets last year and being too impatient to send off for walks by post in advance. I'm thinking about setting up a website to enable people to buy charity walks online instantly - buying with paypal and having the walk details emailed direct. I'm going to start with putting my own walks on there, and if it's successful allow other people to put theirs on too.

Answers to a bit of feedback I’ve had already
Q1. If paypal take a % of the money, won’t the charity lose out?
A. The walks will be slightly more expensive to cover paypal, but the buyer will save money on postage, so no-one loses out.

Q2. Won’t people be able to email them to other people, meaning the charity loses out?
A. This can already be done with the aid of a photocopier. Hopefully the convenience of buying walks online, along with instant delivery via email, will make it a less likely occurrence that people would get a walk from a friend.

Q3. What’s wrong with the present system of going to a meet / purchasing them with a SAE?
A. Nothing. But this is about making it easier to purchase walks, instantly, anytime of the year, from a central location.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Many thanks, Sarah[/quote]
Station Master
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No I do not aggree with buying online.

If I pass on any chairity walks I pay directly to the chairity and the people who I have checked out already pay me, and I write on the copy saying that I have paid for a extra copy of the walk..
Tamerton Chocolates
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Only just noticed this thread. Interesting idea. I would definitely buy electronic copies on-line.

For registered charities PayPal only charges 20p + 1.4%. For larger payments this is not bad at all but for £2.50 it is quite a lot (percentage wise) although the cost is still a lot less then 2 stamps + 2 envelopes + the cost of printing. If you set up a registration on this "buy charity walks" site you could also trust the registered users after vetting them and give them the charities bank details for a direct online transfer.

Whilst I don't mind spending a few quid for charities, I always end up with walks I don't have time for or I suddenly have an afternoon off but no clues to hand.

But the main reason is that I much prefer clues in electronic format so I can c&p them into the relevant housekeeping/GPS programs I use. Typing them out by hand is a pain! This is 2013 after all.
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I think it's a great idea, especially for people (like us) who don't live in Devon.
The Restells
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I'm sorry but our treasurer would have a fit! :roll:
Still on snailmail but starter stamps do travel better like that :!:

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