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Buses Axed again!

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:07 pm
by trekkernod
For those of you who use buses, some bad news.

The Service 48, Plymouth to Burrator, is being withdrawn for the winter (2015). At the moment there is some uncertainty about the final day it will run. It is either 13th or 20th September.
Some of the passengers, who use the route regularly, are writing letters of complaint to the Public Transport Controller at Plymouth City Council. I doubt if this will affect the decision.
Also, First no longer operate services in the Plymouth (South Devon ?) area. Most these routes have been taken over by Stagecoach whilst others have been withdrawn completely. Information can be found on those companies web sites.
To get to Dartmoor, Monday to Saturdays from Plymouth, catch the 1/1X to Yelverton and then the Service 98 - to Tavistock via Princetown. There are several stops along the route that give direct access to the moor. Check timetables before your trip.
There is a Plymouth City Bus route to Okehampton via Tavistock & Lydford. This is good for the north west corner of the moor. This service is being with drawn on Sundays from 20th September 2015. Again, check timetables.
The area above Ivybridge can be reached using the Service No.3 (formerly X38) and walking to the moor from Ivybridge. It is uphill all the way, but the views from the top are great!

Re: Burrator Bus Service No.48

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:12 am
by trekkernod
The Stagecoach Service No.48 from Wembury to Burrator Reservoir started running again yesterday - 25th March 2016. The service runs on Sundays & Bank Holidays.
For timetables visit the Stagecoach Plymouth web site or the Traveline web site.

2016 Service 48

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:17 am
by trekkernod
Contrary to some timetables, the Sunday & Bank Holiday Service for the No.48 - Wembury to Burrator bus, will run until Sunday 23rd October 2016.
Some timetables have the last day as 18th September. I have been in contact with Stagecoach and Plymouth City Council and both have confirmed that the above date, in October, will be the last.
The service may well be axed completely for 2017.
I hope this is of help to fellow bus users.

Re: Letterboxing by bus

Posted: Sun May 28, 2023 7:12 am
by trekkernod
A 'new' bus service to Dartmoor on a Sunday and, I think, Bank Holidays. It is run by Stagecoach the service 198 and goes from Gunnislake railway station, to Tavistock then Yelverton, Princetown, Tavistock and back to Gunnislake. There are 4 journeys, the 10:00am is a complete route, 12:05 = does not return to Gunnislake; 14:35 starts from Tavistock and ends at Gunnislake; 16:15 complete route.
This service commences on 28th May 2023.

A useful enough service which gives time for a 6 hour walk from the Sharpitor car parks.