Where to park (and leave) my car?

Where are the best hotels, guesthouses, and campsites?

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Where to park (and leave) my car?

Post by Wolf&Rabe »

Hello everyone,

please pardon my probably stupid question (and any mistakes, I'm not an english native-speaker!), I'm absolutely new to letterboxing...
That is, I found my first 3 Boxes quite incidentally 2 years ago, when we spend our honeymoon in a very rainy Dartmoor ... and now I want more stamps, more, MORE! :lol:
Which isn't that easy because I'm from Germany and unfortunately cannot spent as much time in dartmoor as I'd like to... But I read so much 'bout letterboxing & Dartmoor & Country Code (...), now I HAVE TO come back again!

So (coming to the point at last) I had the idea to come over for a short break again, park my car anywhere and walk right into the moor - and camp there for a night or 2. The other night(s) I intend to stay on a campsite or hostel.
Can anyone maybe give me some tipps where to park? I mean - I don't feel 'safe' about letting my good old car alone on a deserted car park ...
Is it possible to leave the car somewhere secure?

Thanks for any answers!

from Münster/Germany
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Post by trekkernod »

Hi Wolf & Rabe,
You are very wise not to leave your car in a deserted Dartmoor car park overnight.
May I suggest parking up at the Fox & Hounds Hotel at Shortacombe near Bridestowe, speak to the landlord of your intentions and ask permission to leave your car there overnight ( 2 nights) whilst you go out and enjoy Dartmoor. They have a web site.
You could show appreciation by staying either in the rooms they have, having a meal there on your return or by using the bunkhouse.
The food is excellent (my opinion) and staff friendly.
There are many letterboxes to be found on the moor just over 1km to the East of the pub on Brat Tor, Arms Tor Doe Tor etc.
It would be wise to check on the Military Firing times if you plan to venture into any of the Firing Ranges near that part of Dartmoor.

Another area would be Princetown, again lots of accommodation, good food, lots of letterboxes on the moor near the town.

It would be a good idea to pick up the leaflet "Where To Camp On Dartmoor", either from a Dartmoor Information Centre or download it from the Dartmoor National Park web site.

Hope this has been helpful. Enjoy your visit.

The Toytown Trekker

Post by Wolf&Rabe »

Hi Noddy,

that was a fast reply! Thanks! Sounds very good & helpful indeed. Only little problem is that it's some more miles to drive for my good old 2CV ...

And of course I will show my appreciation, would even pay (and display :wink: ) for a secure possibility. Sorry, should've written all that.

I stayed in Princetown at the Plume&Feathers 2 or 3 years ago...didn't really like it (in the bunkhouse). They were quite unfriendly to my wife and me. If they don't like tourists, they should've build a smaller car park. :? Or maybe they just had a bad day. Sorry, I'll stop complaining right ... now.

So thanks a lot again for your handy tips! I'll take even more if someone ... :oops:
Already downloaded the "Where to camp..."-leaflet.
Can't wait to start! Maybe someone can take care of good weather/end of June? :lol:

Oh, one more not-so-intelligent question: Are there letterboxes within the firing range? I thought there weren't. Or did I misunderstand something?

Thank you for your help!

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Post by Sowerby Streaker »

Hi there, yes there are loads of letterboxes in the firing ranges, usually way out in the middle of the moor. Do make sure you check the firing times for your trip. You can download a 6 weeks firing at a time from the mod.uk website. Hope you have a good time over here.
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