Wanted: Dartmoor Catalogue

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Wanted: Dartmoor Catalogue

Post by redcurl »


I'm an American Letterboxer with hopes of eventually making it over to Dartmoor to letterbox there too. I was hoping someone had a spare Catalogue of clues they could mail me. I could paypal you for it. I want to see one of the Catalogues, and then maybe do a set of boxes here in America that have more British style clues in them. Please PM me if you have a copy you could mail me!

Nik - KOTM
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Post by Nik - KOTM »

Hi Red Curl, welcome to the site.
I am just wondering exactly how "obsessed" as a letterboxer you will want to become? Have you tried EBay.co.uk? I only say this because most letterboxers I know tend to hang onto their old copies of their catalogues mainly as a reference to some of the old boxes out there.

The style is quite simple

Name of Box: Map Ref (preferably 6 digits though it can be none 4, 8 or 10)

For example...
BUTTERN ROCKS. . *** ***. (Catalogue Number)
Under part veg covered lintel rock , east face showing. Kes tor 320*. North end of S’ly O/C Buttern 140*. Forest gap 070*. A large 5’ long 2’ high rock 7 paces/100*. 45 paces on 230* from north end of Buttern rocks,

(Note to the astute readers this is purely a fictitious box, none of the bearings will line up)
Nik 245 to go
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